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  1. 7 Jul 2017

    Charity says flaws in new benefit are pushing families into crisis

  2. 6 Jul 2017

    Today we are calling for a halt to the 'accelerated rollout' of Universal Credit, the major new UK benefit. In Scotland, we know Universal Credit has already caused problems for thousands of people – and we believe the issues with it must be addressed before it affects hundreds of thousands more. 

  3. 5 Jul 2017

    Today, the DWP has announced its plans to relocate and merge Jobcentre services across the UK. This includes the plan to retain Castlemilk Jobcentre, but to continue with the closure and merging of seven of Glasgow’s Jobcentres. Citizens Advice Scotland evidence suggests that the decision to close almost half of Glasgow’s Jobcentres will impact most on those who are already struggling in the city. 

  4. 26 Jun 2017

    The proposed law to set up a new Scottish social security to govern the benefits being devolved to the Scottish Parliament, the Social Security (Scotland) Bill has been published. Whilst a number of the details of the new system are still to be decided, a number of important features are included in the Bill.

  5. 21 Jun 2017

  6. 19 Jun 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland is today meeting with a number of organisations to discuss how to improve the use of medical evidence in the social security system

  7. 30 May 2017

    The Scottish Government has announced that the first devolved benefits to be delivered by the new Scottish Social Security Agency will be a supplementary payment to increase Carers Allowance, together with benefits to replace the existing Sure Start Maternity Grant and Funeral Payments. The new benefits are planned to begin in 2018 and 2019.

  8. 27 Feb 2017

    After hearing from over 500 organisations and individuals about what should be done when Scotland gains new powers over social security benefits – including CAS’ substantial submission based on CAB evidence – the Scottish Government last week gave the clearest indication yet on what they plan to do when they gain control over the benefits, and how the new social security system might look. This includes new details about the shape of the new system as well as announcements on issues that CAB clients and advisers told us are top priorities for change.

  9. 23 Feb 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the Scottish Government’s statement on the newly devolved Social Security system.

  10. 13 Feb 2017

    On Wednesday 8th February, Frank Mosson, manager of Bridgeton Citizens Advice Bureaux gave evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee in Westminster on the proposed Glasgow Jobcentre closures.

  11. 10 Feb 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Bill, but has called on the government to set specific and achievable targets.

  12. 26 Jan 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland has said the UK government's announcement of more Jobcentre closures will hurt low-income families.

  13. 18 Jan 2017

    As part of the funding to support bureaux in mitigating the impact of social security changes, we have worked with bureaux and commissioned research to understand the drivers of successful partnerships.   This is an invitation to attend a workshop that explores this in more detail.

  14. 23 Nov 2016

    Citizens Advice Scotland has given its initial
    response to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, saying it brings mixed news for
    vulnerable families in Scotland.

  15. 28 Oct 2016

    Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the use of the new social security powers being devolved to Scotland. 

  16. 27 Oct 2016

    Scotland’s Citizens Advice service gave 1 million pieces of advice last year, helping over 310,000 individuals – equivalent to over 1 in every 14 adults.

    The service also put a total of £120m into the pockets of Scottish citizens, though improving their financial health by helping them to access benefits entitlements and manage debt effectively. This helped some to avoid crisis situations like poverty, debt and homelessness.

  17. 4 Oct 2016

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the UK government’s decision to end re-assessments for long-term sick claimants of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

  18. 26 Jul 2016

    Figures released by the Scottish Government today show that over 200,000 households have received emergency grants from the Scottish Welfare Fund in the last three years.

    Susan McPhee, Head of Policy & Public Affairs at Citizens Advice Scotland, says:

  19. 13 Jul 2016

    Author: Rhiannon Sims, CAS Policy Officer

    On the day Britain welcomes its new Prime Minister, Citizens Advice Scotland has published new evidence exposing the experiences of those in poverty and destitution in Scotland.

  20. 13 Jul 2016

    On the day Britain welcomes its new Prime Minister, Citizens Advice Scotland has published new evidence exposing the levels of poverty and destitution in Scotland.


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