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  1. 3 Dec 2019

    Improving the cost of living, especially for people on low incomes, must be at the heart of the next government’s agenda, Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) demand today (Tuesday).

  2. 27 Nov 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has urged consumers in Scotland to be ‘savvy shoppers’ as they gear up for Black Friday and cyber Monday.

  3. 25 Nov 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has welcomed the opening of a parliamentary inquiry into Protected Trust Deeds (PTDs) and is encouraging people with experience of them to share their views.

  4. 28 Oct 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) is calling on people to check if they are entitled to make council tax savings, as new research shows that the extent of council tax debt among people who turn to the charity for help.

  5. 25 Oct 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has commented on the collapse of the last big payday lending company, QuickQuid.

  6. 23 Oct 2019

    Increasing numbers of people may be being sold debt solutions that don’t work for their circumstances, Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) warned today.

  7. 13 Oct 2019

    Increasing numbers of people in Scotland are concerned about money in the next year, research from Citizens Advice Scotland has revealed.

  8. 24 Aug 2019

    Increasing numbers of working people in Scotland are struggling on their present incomes, new analysis from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) reveals.

  9. 20 Aug 2019

    The Money Talk Team national advertising campaign, co-ordinated by the Scottish Government, launched on Monday 19th August. 

  10. 6 Aug 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has outlined 3 key steps to improve housing affordability for people on low incomes.

  11. 1 Aug 2019

    Over 13,000 households in Scotland have been hit by the Benefit Cap, according to new statistics published today.

  12. 30 Jul 2019

    Applications for crisis grants from the Scottish Welfare Fund increased by 11 per cent In 2018/19, as more people in Scotland turned to the fund due to the cost of living crisis.

  13. 27 Jul 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) is encouraging people to check their eligibility for a council tax reduction as research reveals a quarter of working people who run out of cash before pay day miss their council tax payment as a result.

  14. 23 Jul 2019

    Two of Scotland’s biggest advice charities have agreed to work closer together to provide the best ever network of debt advice across the country.

  15. 16 Jul 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the announcement of new funding to help in the fight against scams, as a new partnership is unveiled today between the UK’s Citizens Advice network, Facebook and Money-saving expert, Martin Lewis.

  16. 23 Jun 2019

    Over a third of Scottish workers who run out of money before payday have gone without food for their household at least once over the last year, according to new figures published today by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS)

  17. 19 Jun 2019

    The UK Treasury has today announced a ‘Breathing Space’ scheme in England and Wales that will give people in debt 60 days to seek help while their creditors freeze the interest, and offers additional protections for people whose debt has led them to experience a mental health crisis.

  18. 12 Jun 2019

    Responding to the Financial Conduct Authority plans to regulate ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ agreements, CAS Financial Health spokesperson Derek Young says:

  19. 11 Jun 2019

    Responding to the passing of the Fuel Poverty Bill in the Scottish Parliament today, Dr Jamie Stewart, Citizens Advice Scotland’s Energy spokesperson said:

  20. 3 Jun 2019

    One tenth of Scots who are in work have had to miss paying gas or electricity bills at least once in the last year because they have run out of money, according to new statistics calculated and published by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).



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