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  1. 16 Jan 2012

    35% of people in Scotland are worried they can’t afford their next fuel bill and one in two say energy bills will put a strain on their finances this year, according to new figures released today from Citizens Advice Scotland at the start of its Big Energy Week which will help people save money on their fuel bills.

  2. 1 Jan 2012

    Government Agencies ‘Aggressive, Unhelpful and Incompetent’

    The impact of the government’s welfare reforms is the main concern among Scotland’s CAB advisers going into 2012, according to a survey published today. The survey also reveals a number of angry comments from CAB staff about some of the agencies they regularly have to deal with on behalf of their clients - including government departments, jobcentres and fuel companies.

  3. 11 Dec 2011

    Recession-hit Scots are now bringing one new issue to the CAB for every minute of every day, according to new figures published by Citizens Advice Scotland.

  4. 22 Nov 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have backed disabled campaigners who told MSPs today that many people are ‘suicidal’ and ‘terrified’ about the impact of the Welfare Reform Bill.

  5. 8 Nov 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have welcomed the publication of a major new report which shows the devastating impact of the new Employment & Support Allowance (ESA).

  6. 18 Oct 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have called for assurances from the government that people on low incomes will get help to cope with the rising cost of living.

  7. 4 Oct 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) are to tell MSPs that the UK government’s Welfare Reform Bill is ‘dismantling’ the welfare system, and is set to have a ‘devastating’ impact on many people in Scotland, taking £2bn from the Scottish economy.

  8. 5 Sep 2011

    Government policy 'will force many disabled Scots into poverty'

  9. 29 Aug 2011

    Cizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have warned that many Scots are facing ‘financial crisis’, as a new report shows that average households are £11 per week worse off than they were last summer.

  10. 17 Aug 2011

    The Scotland’s Peoples Annual Report, published today, shows that many Scots are still struggling to survive the continuing impact of the recession.

  11. 13 Jul 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said the latest unemployment figures still show too many Scots unable to get work

  12. 20 Jun 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have backed the findings of a new report by Shelter, which show that the high cost of living is leading to an increase in stress levels.

  13. 11 May 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have responded to figures showing that one in four people are struggling to make ends meet. The figures are published today by

  14. 22 Mar 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have said the Budget should help people through the difficult economic times, and not target them with further cuts.

  15. 16 Mar 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have said today’s decrease in the unemployment figures masks the extent of the economic crisis for those on short-term and part-time contracts.

  16. 17 Feb 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said that the new Welfare Reform Bill must be about making life better for those who are most in need, and that its efforts to get people into work will depend on more jobs being available.

  17. 9 Feb 2011

    Young people in Scotland are suffering the impact of the recession more than most, and feel no-one is listening to the anger and despair they feel. These are the findings of a major new report presented today by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

  18. 19 Jan 2011

    Figures released today show that too many people in Scotland are still struggling to find work, according to Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

  19. 10 Jan 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have called on the UK government to re-think its economic strategy, in the light of today’statistics from KPMG showing a sharp rise in Scottish business failures.

  20. 31 Dec 2010

    Staff from Scotland’s Citizens Advice Bureaux anticipate that financial problems will continue to plague Scottish communities in 2011. They have also singled out banks for particular criticism for their failure to help people in nee


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