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  1. 6 Jun 2013

    Struggling householders can now get help from two new specialist housing advisers as a result of a strategic partnership launched today between Shelter Scotland and Citizens Advice Direct (Citizens Advice Direct is the Scottish CAB service’s telephone advice-line).

  2. 4 Jun 2013

    ‘Unscrupulous and exploitative’ landlords are ignoring a new law which requires them to register and protect their tenants’ deposits. This is according to a motion being debated at the Scottish Parliament today, in response to a campaign by the Scottish CAB service.

  3. 15 Apr 2013

    Govan Law Centre have produced a toolkit to challenge decisions about the 'bedroom tax'.  If you have received a letter about changes to your housing benefit, you have one month to challenge the decision.

  4. 8 Oct 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland have responded to today’s report by the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities committee about the rise in youth homelessness.

  5. 31 May 2012

    Young Scots who are unable to buy their own home often feel like they have failed in life, according to Citizens Advice Scotland.

  6. 14 Feb 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have said too many Scots are still facing the ‘nightmare’ of homelessness – despite the decrease reported today.

  7. 4 Jan 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland have joined with Shelter in expressing concern at the huge numbers of people who are taking out payday loans and other credit, in order to pay their rent or mortgage.

  8. 20 Apr 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have backed a report today from the charity Crisis which shows that government changes to Housing Benefit could lead to an increase in homelessness. The change will see HB claimants in some parts of Scotland losing more than £54 per week.

  9. 8 Mar 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said today’s homelessness figures show that young adults and children are the worst affected, with 57% of those applying as homeless now shown to be under the age of 25.

  10. 24 Jan 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has welcomed the Scottish government’s new Deposit Protection scheme, saying it will put an end to exploitation of tenants by ‘rogue landlords’.

  11. 11 Feb 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have said that the Home Owner and Debtor Protection Bill, being voted on today by the Scottish Parliament, will change the lives of many people in Scotland who are in debt and in fear of losing their home.

  12. 9 Sep 2009

    Citizens Advice Scotland say that both mortgage lenders and landlords should be more flexible in dealing with late payments and arrears. The comments come in response to figures released by the Scottish government today which show an increase in home re-possessions in Scotland.*

  13. 14 Aug 2009

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have responded to the news that home re-possessions have fallen by 10% across the UK.[1]

  14. 2 Feb 2009

    The number of concerns about homelessness brought to Scottish Citizens Advice Bureaux has doubled since the year 2000.



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