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  1. 11 Oct 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said any increases in fuel bills now will hit the most vulnerable Scots – including pensioners, sick and disabled people, and families on low incomes.

  2. 4 Oct 2012

    The ‘Energy Best Deal Scotland’ campaign involved frontline advisors in helping vulnerable people cut their energy bills.Around 10,000 households are saving up to £765,000 each year on their energy bills as a result. Consumer Focus Scotland has commissioned an evaluation of the energy training given to frontline advisers. This has shown that tariff advice can and does help reduce fuel bills and involving frontline advisers, does help reach vulnerable people.

  3. 21 Aug 2012

    Energy Best Deal+ is a pilot CAB project which aims to support people in, or at risk of, fuel poverty. There are nine bureaux in Scotland taking part in the pilot and outreach work is also taking place in Edinburgh. The pilot has been running for four weeks and has produced superb results for the clients involved, on a number of fronts.

  4. 17 Jul 2012

    Scotland’s Infrastructure Secretary Alex Neil MSP will today (Tuesday) launch a major new project which will see local citizens advice bureaux offer special help to Scots who can’t afford their gas and electricity bills.

    The Energy Best Deal Plus scheme will be launched at Airdrie CAB – one of the 9 bureaux where it will initially be available. (The others are Dumfries and Galloway, Denny & Dunipace, Motherwell & Wishaw, North Ayrshire, Nairn, Roxburgh & Berwickshire, Stirling and Rutherglen/Cambuslang).

  5. 6 Jun 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland today urged the Scottish Government to implement new plans to help the growing number of Scots who are having to choose between heating and eating.

  6. 14 Apr 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said many Scottish households are facing financial crisis, amid new reports that the cost of running a home is higher than ever.

  7. 16 Jan 2012

    35% of people in Scotland are worried they can’t afford their next fuel bill and one in two say energy bills will put a strain on their finances this year, according to new figures released today from Citizens Advice Scotland at the start of its Big Energy Week which will help people save money on their fuel bills.

  8. 9 Dec 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said people should be given clearer information on how to cut their fuel bills, as new figures* reveal that complaints about the ‘Big Six’ energy companies rose by 26% over the summer.

  9. 5 Dec 2011

    Rising fuel bills are crippling household finances and people are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills.

  10. 18 Oct 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland say the real test of today’s Fuel Bills summit will be whether people are still freezing in their homes this winter.

  11. 14 Oct 2011

    The massive rise in profits for the energy firms should lead to a reduction in customer bills, says Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

  12. 13 Oct 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said energy suppliers must ensure they always give accurate information to customers over tariffs.

  13. 28 Sep 2011

    New information published today shows that Scotland is in a ‘shameful crisis’ of fuel poverty, according to Citizens Advice Scotland.

  14. 20 Sep 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have welcomed the government’s announcement of measures to crack down on the ‘ever-rising’ cost of fuel bills.

  15. 3 Sep 2011

    Fuel poverty crisis 'even worse that today's figures suggest'

  16. 14 Jul 2011

    Fuel poverty approaching 'crisis' levels in Scotland

  17. 8 Jul 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland has hit out at British Gas for their latest price increase, and have called for the government to take action to secure a fair deal for Scottish consumers.

  18. 6 Jul 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have called for government action to help people in fuel poverty, as a new consumer report revealed that 1 in 4 UK households is now classed as ‘fuel poor’.

  19. 7 Jun 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have hit out at Scottish Power’s decision to increase their fuel bills again.

  20. 29 Mar 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have welcomed OFGEM’s announcement today of a 30-day notice period before fuel companies can impose price hikes on consumers, but have warned that the cost of fuel itself must also be addressed.



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