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  1. 29 May 2018

    Sam Ghibaldan responds on behalf of CAS to the Scottish Government's Climate Change bill

    (This article was published in the Sunday Herald on 26 May 2018).


  2. 24 May 2018

    From 14 May 2018, refugees living in Scotland can apply for family reunion crisis grants. These grants can help with the extra costs that they will have when they are reunited with family members arriving in Scotland under family reunion rules.

  3. 17 May 2018

    by Rory Mair CBE, Chair of Citizens Advice Scotland

    This article was published in the Times on 17 May 2018. The survey referenced in the article can be seen here

  4. 17 May 2018

    More than 7 out of 10 Scots are concerned about how Brexit will affect them, according to new data published today by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

  5. 10 May 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed an interim report from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) which identifies failings in the market for district heating consumers.

  6. 26 Apr 2018

    Article by Rory Mair,

    Chair, Citizen s Advice Scotland

    (published in the Scotsman newspaper following the passing of the Social Security Bill by the Scottish Parliament on 25/04/18).

  7. 9 Apr 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has responded to the news that some Universal Credit claimants are having substantial deductions made to their payments in order to pay off debts.

  8. 1 Apr 2018

    From 1 April 2018, carers in Scotland have new rights. All carers in Scotland are now entitled to an Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP) or a Young Carers Statement (YCS). These replace the old carer’s assessments.

  9. 28 Mar 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland was announced as the 500th organisation to sign up to Scotland’s Digital Participation Charter at an event in Edinburgh today, with a commitment to increase digital skills and access throughout the Scottish CAB network.


  10. 19 Mar 2018

    Kinship carers will be able to access more support and information thanks to a newly expanded advice service, launched this week by Citizens Advice Scotland.

  11. 7 Mar 2018

    Two thirds of Scots are dissatisfied with the frequency of their local bus services, with over half saying that those which do exist are often late. The figures are published today by Citizens Advice Scotland following a major national survey.

  12. 6 Mar 2018

    The Consumer Futures Unit of Citizens Advice Scotland has today welcomed the vision for a low-carbon Scotland contained within the Scottish Government’s third Climate Change Plan, but states that consumers must be at the heart of the proposals and policies if it is to be achieved.  

  13. 5 Mar 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland's Consumer Futures Unit (CFU) has welcomed Ofgem's decision that fuel companies will no longer be able to charge bills for gas and electricity that was used more than twelve months earlier.

  14. 7 Feb 2018

    Almost a fifth of people who seek advice from Scottish CABs say they never use the internet, with more than half unable to apply for jobs or benefits online without help, according to new research published today by Citizens Advice Scotland.

  15. 31 Jan 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has welcomed news that the House of Commons Scottish Affairs committee is to investigate the issue of unfair delivery fees to northern parts of Scotland.

  16. 31 Jan 2018

    From 31 January 2018, if you are making a claim for or already getting Universal Credit (UC) in an area where you manage your claim online, you can ask:

    • for your UC to be paid twice monthly rather than monthly
    • to have the housing costs in your UC award paid directly to your landlord. 
  17. 18 Jan 2018

    Glasgow Citizens Advice Bureaux showcase event

  18. 20 Dec 2017

    The Consumer Futures Unit of Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to the publication of the Scottish government’s Energy Strategy, stressing the importance of consumer engagement.

  19. 13 Dec 2017

    Burial charges across Scotland have increased on average by over £250 since 2014 – that’s three and a half times the rate of inflation.

  20. 7 Dec 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has welcomed news that the Competition and Markets Authority is to investigate the market in district heating networks (i.e. where heat is supplied to multiple homes from one central source). 


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