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  1. 10 Jul 2017

    While 18–24 year olds do not make up the largest group of victims of scams, this group has seen a sharp rise in numbers. Social media is a common way in which young people encounter a scam. Action Fraud reported that in 2015, there was a 64% increase on the previous year in the number of people approached on Instagram. Common scams targeting this age group include subscription traps (especially online through social media), identity fraud, job scams and general online fraud.

  2. 7 Jul 2017

    Charity says flaws in new benefit are pushing families into crisis

  3. 6 Jul 2017

    Today we are calling for a halt to the 'accelerated rollout' of Universal Credit, the major new UK benefit. In Scotland, we know Universal Credit has already caused problems for thousands of people – and we believe the issues with it must be addressed before it affects hundreds of thousands more. 

  4. 5 Jul 2017

    Today, the DWP has announced its plans to relocate and merge Jobcentre services across the UK. This includes the plan to retain Castlemilk Jobcentre, but to continue with the closure and merging of seven of Glasgow’s Jobcentres. Citizens Advice Scotland evidence suggests that the decision to close almost half of Glasgow’s Jobcentres will impact most on those who are already struggling in the city. 

  5. 3 Jul 2017

    The Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) in collaboration with the Consumer Futures Unit (CFU) at Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has announced its appointments to the Customer Forum for the Strategic Review of Charges 2021-27.

  6. 3 Jul 2017

    A third of all victims of scams are 41–60 year olds. Whilst this 'life-established' age group is targeted by a wide range of scams, there are certain scams they are most vulnerable to. These include investment fraud, phishing and other banking scams, property scams and pension liberation scams.

  7. 30 Jun 2017

  8. 28 Jun 2017

    The Citizens Advice service in Scotland has published its Energy Advice in Detail report for the year 2015-16, which shows that the most common issues again concerned billing and metering, and that suppliers are not doing enough to help those consumers who are on low incomes.

  9. 27 Jun 2017

  10. 26 Jun 2017

    The proposed law to set up a new Scottish social security to govern the benefits being devolved to the Scottish Parliament, the Social Security (Scotland) Bill has been published. Whilst a number of the details of the new system are still to be decided, a number of important features are included in the Bill.

  11. 21 Jun 2017

  12. 19 Jun 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland is today meeting with a number of organisations to discuss how to improve the use of medical evidence in the social security system

  13. Help Stirling CAB become Sainsbury's Local Charity of the Year

  14. 16 Jun 2017

    Scotland’s leading consumer agency has pledged to make sure the voice of Scotland’s consumers informs policy and practice in the three big regulated industries in Scotland – the energy, water and postal services. 

  15. 31 May 2017

    Over half of Scots sometimes run out of money before payday

  16. 30 May 2017

    The Scottish Government has announced that the first devolved benefits to be delivered by the new Scottish Social Security Agency will be a supplementary payment to increase Carers Allowance, together with benefits to replace the existing Sure Start Maternity Grant and Funeral Payments. The new benefits are planned to begin in 2018 and 2019.

  17. 26 May 2017

    The Consumer Futures Unit of Citizens Advice Scotland is today calling for greater protection for consumers in Scotland who use ‘district heating’ schemes. 

  18. 5 May 2017

    We have once again been receiving reports of cold-callers falsely claiming to be from the Citizens Advice Bureau in order to con people out of their personal details and money. Over the last few weeks Citizens Advice Scotland has had multiple reports of cold-callers offering debt advice on unsecured loans or claiming people are due a refund from their credit card companies in order to access their bank details.

  19. 2 May 2017

    Today the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS), the Consumer Futures Unit (CFU) of Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) and Scottish Water signed an agreement to establish the next Customer Forum for Water (the Forum). It will be responsible for ensuring the interests of customers and communities are embedded in the forthcoming Strategic Review of Charges 2021-27 (SRC) which sets prices and levels of service for Scottish Water.

  20. 18 Apr 2017

    In 2016/2017, the EHU investigated 6943 complaints, 89% of these were from domestic consumers and the remainder from micro-businesses.


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