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  1. 23 Apr 2013

    Nathan Sparling set himself the challenge of living on £53 for a week when Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith said in an interview he could live off the same amount. He decided to make this an opportunity to fundraise for the Citizens Advice Service and collected £750 in sponsorship. 

  2. 17 Apr 2013

    Today the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee published their inquiry into underemployment, using lots of evidence presented to them by CAS Social Policy Officer Lauren Wood and Norma Philpott, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice and Rights Fife. The term underemployment refers to people working fewer hours than they want to, or taking on jobs which do not use all their skills, and the inquiry shows that young people and women are more adversely affected.

    The evidence CAS supplied to the Committee would not have been possible without the valuable contributions of social policy feedback from advisers. Thank you!

  3. 15 Apr 2013

    Govan Law Centre have produced a toolkit to challenge decisions about the 'bedroom tax'.  If you have received a letter about changes to your housing benefit, you have one month to challenge the decision.

  4. 11 Apr 2013

    The report published by the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee today shows that, when fully implemented, the UK Government’s welfare changes and benefit cuts will take more than £1.6 billion out of the Scottish economy every year.

  5. 9 Apr 2013

    In the March issue of their newsletter, the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, Jim Martin, praised the work of bureaux and the Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS).

  6. 4 Apr 2013

    Following media coverage about Iain Duncan Smith being challenged to live off £53 a week on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on  Monday, Nathan Sparling who works for an MSP in the Scottish Parliament decided to see if he can live off that amount for a week and to get sponsorship for doing so. His chosen is charity is CAB. Nathan has said he wants to first highlight  how hard it is to live on a low income, even if just for a week, and second the work of the CAB service in Scotland. He is choosing to do it whilst he is on annual leave week beginning 8 April and he has a fundraising target of £200. If you are interested in finding out more, you can view his JustGiving page here.

  7. 22 Mar 2013

    Consumer Minister Jo Swinson MP visited Renfrewshire CAB in Paisley today to announce the new injection of funding for the CAB service, aimed at helping bureaux replace their outdated computer equipment, and boosting their role as the ‘voice of the consumer’ in Scotland.

    A total of £9.5m is being announced for the CAB service across the UK. £1.5m of that is being allocated to bureaux in Scotland.

  8. 20 Mar 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said that today’s budget offers little relief for the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable families who have been driven into poverty by the government’s welfare reforms.

  9. 19 Mar 2013

    Watch out for Glasgow CAB advisers on Channel 4 News tonight.

  10. 19 Mar 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland’s Chief Executive has written to the Chancellor, George Osborne, urging him to halt the welfare reforms that are hurting vulnerable people and damaging the Scottish economy.

    Margaret Lynch’s letter, sent in advance of the budget, cites independent economic evidence to say that the government’s welfare reforms are not only hurting poor and vulnerable people but are taking £2.7bn out of the Scottish economy.

  11. 6 Mar 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have backed the OFT’s latest action on payday loans, which includes a 12-week deadline for firms to stamp out unfair lending or lose their licence.

  12. 5 Mar 2013

    The Patient Advice and Support Service now has its own website, making information about our service easier to find.

  13. 25 Feb 2013

    The Scottish Parliament's Welfare Reform Committee took evidence last week from people who had been through a Work Capability Assessment for ESA or who cared for someone who had been through the process.  The transcript of the evidence session is now up online.

  14. 15 Feb 2013

    The government’s policy of forcing people to apply online for jobs and benefits is causing huge challenges for those who don’t have internet skills or access, according to a new report by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

  15. 14 Feb 2013

    The Scottish Human Rights Commission is hosting an online discussion and participation event to encourage participation in forming Scotland’s first national Action Plan for Human Rights. Everyone with an interest in human rights protection and promotion in Scotland from health to housing, rights of disabled people and access to justice can take part, asking questions and sharing information that will help to form the National Action Plan.  

  16. 30 Jan 2013

    The Bank of Scotland have released figures today (Wednesday) showing that many Scots are having to dip into their savings just to meet the rising cost of living.

  17. 24 Jan 2013

    The UK government’s welfare cuts and changes are pushing thousands of Scots into financial crisis, and the situation is set to get steadily worse - according to a new report by Citizens Advice Scotland.
    CAS has today published an evidence report showing the effects that welfare changes are having on CAB clients – including sick and disabled people, pensioners, young Scots and families on low incomes – and the strains this extra workload is putting on the CAB service.

  18. 23 Jan 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) and Citizens Advice and Rights Fife will today tell MSPs on the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee that underemployment is pushing Scots into poverty. The organisations will tell the committee that many CAB clients are desperate to work more hours and to better use their skills, but the shortage of full-time jobs is keeping them in underemployment.

  19. 21 Jan 2013

    Commenting on Joseph Rowntree Foundation report Monitoring poverty and social exclusion in Scotland 2013 Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Margaret Lynch said:

    "This report bears out exactly what CAB see day in and day out. More people unemployed, underemployed or in low-income households who need advice on debt and benefits as they find it increasingly difficult to get though the month and manage to pay the bills and put food on the table. At a time of rising costs it is becoming harder and harder for people to cope and so CAB are increasingly seeing more people in crisis.

  20. 21 Jan 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland has today welcomed news of £5.4million of Scottish Government funding for advice services to mitigate the impact of welfare changes. The Scottish CAB Service will benefit from a share of the new funding, allowing more training and hours of service in CABs across the country.


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