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  1. 13 Sep 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have urged MPs to back a bill today in Westminster today which is aimed at cracking down on companies who impose unfair charges on delivery to Scottish postcodes. 

    CAS published a report on this issue last year which found that 1million Scots live in areas which are exploited by companies who charge excessive fees, and whose websites give inaccurate or misleading information about their delivery charges.

  2. 11 Sep 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have welcomed new support, announced in the Scottish budget, to help people who are hit by the bedroom tax, but have said that even more funding is needed.

  3. 11 Sep 2013

    Support for new Police Scotland Beat Bogus Callers push

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the launch of a new Police Scotland campaign aimed at raising awareness of doorstep crime. Members of the CAS Community Action Team (CAT) attended Monday's launch in Livingston. The Beat Bogus Callers campaign will use radio adverts, booklets and posters to advise people against opening their doors to unexpected callers, and offering advice on what they should do if they become suspicious.

  4. 9 Sep 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland is urging MPs of all parties to back a new bill in Parliament which aims to tackle the problem of unfair delivery charges in rural Scotland. 

    The bill is being brought by West Aberdeenshire MP Sir Robert Smith, and will be debated at Westminster this Friday. Sir Robert is launching a campaign and petition on the issue today (Monday 9th September) at Westhill CAB in his constituency. This follows intensive campaigning on this issue by the Scottish CAB service over the last few years.

  5. 5 Sep 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have called on the UK government to guarantee that low-income Scots will not lose out in the introduction of the new ‘Universal Credit’ benefit.

  6. 23 Aug 2013

    Stirling CAB will today (Friday 23 August) publish a 'Survival Guide', aimed at helping the growing numbers of people in the area who have no food and no money at an event attended by Scottish Government Minister for Housing and Welfare, Margaret Burgess MSP.

  7. 5 Aug 2013

    The Citizens Advice service across the UK urges payday loan customers to fight back against unscrupulous lenders.

    Three in four payday borrowers who got advice from the Citizens Advice consumer service had been treated unfairly by their lender and could have grounds for an official complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, says the national charity.

  8. 15 Jul 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said the benefit cap will affect 4,600 households in Scotland, including up to 10,000 children.

  9. 11 Jul 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said that ScottishPower need to use its profits to help people who are struggling to pay their fuel bills.

  10. 11 Jul 2013

    Margaret Lynch CEO of Citizens Advice Scotland comments on the announcement to sell of the Royal Mail.

  11. 10 Jul 2013

    Disabled people in Scotland are bearing the brunt of the UK government’s welfare reforms, according to Citizens Advice Scotland.

  12. 5 Jul 2013

    Glasgow Central CAB's social policy team has recently finished working on a project with local student, Aisling Clark, to produce a report looking at the experiences of clients who have been perceived as 'fit to work'.

  13. 2 Jul 2013

    New figures published today show that one in five families in the UK can’t afford to feed their children. The research has been published jointly by Fareshare, the Trussell Trust and Tescos. 

  14. 2 Jul 2013

    Scottish CAB advisers dealt with over 1,200 cases related to Payday Loans in the last three months, according to new figures revealed today by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS). 

  15. 27 Jun 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have backed the OFT’s decision to refer the payday loans industry to the Competition Commission, over concerns about how the industry works.


  16. 27 Jun 2013

    Dundee Citizens Advice Bureau met with the Low Pay Commission on the 11th June 2013 to present evidence on low pay in the city.

  17. 26 Jun 2013

    The welfare changes announced in today’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) will mean more misery for vulnerable Scots, according to Citizens Advice Scotland.

  18. 6 Jun 2013

    Struggling householders can now get help from two new specialist housing advisers as a result of a strategic partnership launched today between Shelter Scotland and Citizens Advice Direct (Citizens Advice Direct is the Scottish CAB service’s telephone advice-line).

  19. 4 Jun 2013

    ‘Unscrupulous and exploitative’ landlords are ignoring a new law which requires them to register and protect their tenants’ deposits. This is according to a motion being debated at the Scottish Parliament today, in response to a campaign by the Scottish CAB service.

  20. 27 May 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland want to hear from Scots who have been treated unfairly by payday loan companies in the last 6 months.  As CAB colleagues in England and Wales today publish the findings of a survey of payday loan customers there, CAS is extending the Scottish version of the survey to allow more Scots to come forward and report their negative experiences. The survey is at .



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