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  1. 11 Dec 2013

    This week we will be distributing Christmas-themed posters and postcards on issue of payday loans to the Scottish CAB network to put up in offices and hand out to clients.

  2. 5 Dec 2013

    Shetland CAB conducted a survey with the help of the local community to gain an insight into the energy issues faced across Shetland.  The survey was conducted between November 2012 and February 2013 and had 468 respondents from all parts of the islands.  The findings formed a report, launched this week at the CAB, which looks to raise awareness of fuel usage, fuel poverty and the large number of homes which are energy inefficient in the Shetland Islands. 

  3. 2 Dec 2013

    The Dundee Bureau Social Policy Team (DSPT) is dedicated to maximising the awareness of the national Payday Loans Campaign locally.

  4. 29 Nov 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the latest moves to bring fair delivery charges to people in rural areas, calling it a classic ‘peoples campaign’. 

  5. 27 Nov 2013

    New figures from the Money Advice Service show that 9m people in the UK are struggling with serious debts, but only 1.5m have sought help from advice agencies.

  6. 25 Nov 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have given an ‘unqualified welcome’ to the UK government’s announcement of a cap on the cost of payday loans.

  7. 21 Nov 2013

    Many payday lenders in Scotland are breaking the promises they made last year to clean up their act – according to new research published Thursday 21st November by Citizens Advice Scotland. 

    One year ago this week, the main payday lenders published a voluntary Code of Conduct in which they acknowledged some wrongdoing in the industry, and set out a number of cast-iron guarantees to improve their operations so they offered fair and responsible lending in future. CAS has been asking payday loan clients all year to report their experiences, and in our report card today we can show that lenders have in fact broken most of the pledges in their own code.

  8. 15 Nov 2013

    A Big Lottery-funded activity day organised by Bureaux and attended by over thirty partner organisations has been staged in Seamill. North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service’s (NACAS) ‘Big Event’ saw volunteers, staff and board members gather to exchange ideas and meet staff from charities and agencies they regularly work with.

  9. 14 Nov 2013

    Scots who are sick and disabled are being hit harder than most by the Bedroom Tax – according to new figures published today (Thursday 14th November) by Citizens Advice Scotland. 

  10. 14 Nov 2013

    The charity StepChange has revealed figures today (Thursday 14th November) showing that Scotland ‘leads the UK’ in the numbers of people in debt to payday lenders. 

  11. 8 Nov 2013

    A Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau is to use the beautiful game as a way of helping people beat the misery of payday loan debts.   

    Payday lenders told Parliament yesterday that their services do not lead people into financial problems. The CAB service begs to differ, pointing out that over 100 Scots a week contact their CAB because they are in crisis debt to a payday lender – that’s a third higher than the number this time last year.

  12. 6 Nov 2013

    Responding to UK Government figures published today which show that approximately 53,270 JSA sanctions have been applied to people in Scotland since the introduction of a new stricter sanctions regime last October, CAS Chief Executive, Margaret Lynch said:

  13. 5 Nov 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said that payday lenders are destroying the lives of thousands of people in Scotland. 

    Leading Payday Loans companies gave evidence to the House of Commons this morning, and defended their business by saying only ‘2 or 3 per cent’ of their customers got into financial difficulty.

  14. 4 Nov 2013

    Scottish CAB advisers have seen huge increases in the numbers of people who are in rent arrears, following the introduction of the Bedroom Tax.   

    As a BBC Scotland report shows that Scottish Councils are owed £3m in rent arrears because of the recent changes, Citizens Advice Scotland have reported similar trends in CAB cases.  

  15. 4 Nov 2013

    Shelter Scotland are looking for members to join their new private tenants' forum.

  16. 4 Nov 2013

    Scots are spending over £600,000 a week on Used Cars which are faulty – according to new evidence from Citizens AdviceScotland. 

    The charity reveals today (Monday 4th November) that nearly 100 Scots contact its special consumer helpline every week after being ripped off by irresponsible Used Car dealers. In one out of every 10 of these cases, the car is un-safe to drive.  The figures are part of the ‘Check it, don’t regret it’ campaign launched today by the CAB service UK-wide for National Consumer Week. 

  17. 16 Oct 2013

    The new Claimant Commitment started on Tuesday 15th October for new jobseekers in Inverness.  It will be rolled out to other Jobcentres across Scotland starting later this month and will be fully in place by April 2014.

  18. 16 Oct 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland fear that official figures showing the numbers of people using foodbanks are only the tip of the iceberg, and that the problem is much bigger under the surface. 

    The CAS statement comes on World Food Day (Wednesday 16th Oct) as the Trussell Trust reveals that 350,000 people across the UK had to use its foodbanks in the last 6 months.

  19. 15 Oct 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said a major factor in the growth of personal debt in Scotland is cases of people taking out one loan to pay off another. CAS also says many lenders encourage this – despite pledges not to do so. 

    Figures published today by the Debt Advisory Centre Scotland (DACS) show that nearly 160,000 Scots borrowed money to make a loan repayment in July. DACS also found that Scots aged 25-34 were the most likely to do this, with men more likely than women. The full DACS press release is re-produced below.

  20. 11 Oct 2013

    A Members’ Business Debate held in Holyrood on 10th October focused on the Youthinfo @ CAB project from the Roxburgh and Berwickshire CAB.  Both this project amd others aimed at and by young people across the Scottish CAB network received tremendous praise from MSPs from all five parties represented at the Scottish Parliament.  Staff and the voluntary aspect of the whole Scottish CAB service also won plaudits from the MSPs in attendance, as well as from the Minister for Children and Young People.  



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