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  1. 12 Mar 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the UK government’s decision to increase the minimum wage to £6.50 an hour – and has called on them to under-score the decision by introducing a Fair Employment Commission

  2. 12 Mar 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the latest rules for payday lenders, announced today by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (FCA press release appended in full below). 

  3. 7 Mar 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has warned consumers to beware the dangers of debt, as new figures show that spending on credit cards is on the rise. 

    Figures released by the UK Cards Association show that spending on cards has increased by nearly 7 per cent across the UK over the year. (see appendix below)

  4. 5 Mar 2014

    The CAB service across Aberdeenshire is seeing more people than ever before, as the recession and welfare cuts continue to hit local people hard 

    Cases have increased by 77% as debt and poverty continue, bureau managers have called for an 'army of volunteers' in response.

  5. 5 Mar 2014

    Claims management companies have pocketed up to five billion pounds of UK consumers’ compensation for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance – according to new analysis from the Citizens Advice service. 

    Citizens Advice Scotland and Citizens Advice (England & Wales) are publishing new research Wednesday 5th March showing how banks’ slow reaction to the mis-selling of PPI created a chance for claims firms to swoop in and take an estimated £5 billion of consumers’ compensation. 

  6. 4 Mar 2014

    CAS has responded Tuesday 4th March to separate reports from U-switch and the Office of National Statistics (ONS) which show that Scots are paying more than ever for their energy, while the energy companies’ are offering consistently poor customer services.

  7. 3 Mar 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed Fergus Ewing’s statement today encouraging major retailers not to charge excessive delivery fees to rural areas. 

    The minister’s comments come as CAS announces that exactly 200 Scottish businesses have already responded to their special survey on the issue, just a week after it was launched.

  8. 26 Feb 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has backed the energy regulator OFGEM’s demand that the ‘big six’ energy companies trade fairly with small energy suppliers. 

  9. 24 Feb 2014

    Businesses in Scotland are being hit hard by the 'postcode penalty' of high delivery charges – with a new project to assess the scale of the problem announced today by Citizens Advice Scotland. 

    Over the last three years CAS have been highlighting the impact of this problem on individual consumers. But it also hurts the business community. So today we are launching a special online survey that is just for businesses in Scotland, allowing them to have their say so we can assess the extent of the problem.

  10. 18 Feb 2014

    CAS responded to the Litchfield Review, the fourth independent review looking at the work capability assessment, part of Employment Support Allowance (ESA). The final report reflects CAS' key recommendations about the gathering of medical evidence as part of the assessment process.

  11. 18 Feb 2014

    CAS has responded to the Scottish Government's consultation on a draft bill to make the Scottish Welfare Fund scheme permanent.  We focus on the need for independence in the second tier review arrangements, and the importance of consulting with voluntary organisations and others who have experience of supporting applicants to the scheme, when developing the guidance for the scheme.

  12. 18 Feb 2014

    West Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau has launched a scathing report showing the lack of fairness in the benefits system today (Tuesday 18 February 2014). 

  13. 11 Feb 2014

    The public waiting area and interview rooms at Coatbridge CAB had for some time been crying out for a fresh lick of paint. With resources so stretched and client demand so high though, the idea of spending four-figure sums on interior décor was not an option, so it seemed it was one of those jobs that needed done but was permanently on the back-burner.

  14. 10 Feb 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland have welcomed news that that more people are complaining about poor customer services. e.g. in areas like energy, retail, internet and transport. 

    The British Ombudsman Service has published figures today (Monday 10th February) showing that 38million consumers across Britain last year made a complaint about a service or product. This amounts to a complaint every 1.2 seconds.

  15. 6 Feb 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has said that nearly three quarters of people they refer to foodbanks are in that position due to problems related to the benefit system.

  16. 5 Feb 2014

    Charity boss urges minister to lift block on £15m aid.

    Citizens Advice Scotland has today written to the UK Government urging them to enable an extra £15m in assistance to Scots affected by the Bedroom Tax. 

    The Scottish Government is ready to spend the extra money, but is unable to do so because of UK government spending limits. In today’s letter to UK Welfare Minister Lord Freud, CAS reveal that in the eight months since the Bedroom Tax was introduced, Scottish CABs have seen a 29% increase in Housing Benefit issues.  

  17. 5 Feb 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has backed calls for an inquiry into why energy companies charge customers more when they pay by cash or cheque, rather than Direct Debit. 

    The call has been made today by Conservative MP Robert Halfon. He says people who pay by cash or cheque pay £114 more per year than those who pay by Direct Debit - despite the fact they tend to be poorer. His motion on the issue is backed by nearly 200 MPs*

  18. 4 Feb 2014

    Activities across Scotland last week marked Big Energy Saving Week (BESW). 

  19. 4 Feb 2014

    A move to ensure post offices play their part in ensuring the most vulnerable people in society aren’t left high and dry by Universal Credit is being backed by Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Margaret Lynch.

  20. 3 Feb 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland have called on Scottish and UK governments to work together to help those affected by the Under-Occupancy Charge (or ‘Bedroom Tax’). 

    The call comes as the Scottish Government says it is writing to the UK government in a bid to increase the amount of money it spends on the issue in Scotland.


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