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Whistleblowing in the NHS

From 1 April 2021 there is a new process for whistleblowers in the NHS.

The role of the Independent National Whistleblowing Officer (INWO) has been created. 

The INWO has published the National Whistleblowing Standards which set out how NHS service providers must handle whistleblowing. 

The Standards say that the identity of the person raising the problem needs to be kept confidential. Also staff must have a person that they can speak to confidentially about their concerns. This person is called a 'confidential contact'. 

The INWO can carry out an independent external review of how the whistleblowing has been dealt with. This is usually after the person has raised the problem in their workplace. 

The INWO also runs a free, confidential advice line about whistleblowing and the NHS in Scotland.

Find out more about the INWO and the national standards on the INWO website.