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Welfare Reform Committee takes evidence on ESA

The Scottish Parliament's Welfare Reform Committee took evidence last week from people who had been through a Work Capability Assessment for ESA or who cared for someone who had been through the process.  The transcript of the evidence session is now up online.

The committee asked the people giving evidence what they would ask Iain Duncan Smith if they could. 

Marlene Hepburn:  "I would  just ask him where
is his heart and where is his sense. If he puts me
back to work, I will be there on Monday and
Tuesday, I might be there on Wednesday, I do not
know whether I will be there on Thursday, but I
definitely will not be there on Friday. Who is going
to employ a woman who can fall over nothing and
then has to go home and get showered? I feel that
they have no idea of the reality of living with a

Lesley McMurchie:  "My husband paid in for
many years with the view that, when he was
older—he is 60, so he is not old, he keeps telling
me—he would be looked after. He is not being
looked after. In fact, the state has contributed to
putting him in a worse position than he was in in
June last year. I am a history graduate and I
thought that, when we set up the welfare state, it
was to be there for people such as my husband
who worked hard and did his best so that, in times
of need, something would be there for him, but it is
not there. That would be my question for Iain
Duncan Smith. There should be something there
for those hard-working men and women who have
contributed to society; they are being left with

There is a short video about the session available here.