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Weekly COVID-19 data - impact on advice sought from the network

In addition to the monthly reports being published showing the impact of COVID-19 on advice sought from the Citizens Advice network in Scotland, CAS is publishing weekly data reports to track changes in the type of advice people are seeking.

This is the sixth report and covers the eight-week period until 31 May 2020. It includes data from the 59 Citizens Advice Bureaux in Scotland and the Advice for Scotland website.

Employment-related advice remains more sought-after than debt-related advice, a change from pre-COVID-19 trends.

On the public advice site, there has been a lower level of traffic than pre-COVID-19 levels and the number of website users has been returning to a normal level.

Throughout lockdown, the social security pages have been the most viewed category of pages on the public advice site.

However, in the last week the Law and Courts category and the Housing category have had more page views. 

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