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Weekly COVID-19 data - impact on advice

CAS has published the latest weekly report showing the impact of COVID-19 on advice sought from the Citizens Advice network in Scotland. 

This reports covers up until Sunday 2 August and includes data from Citizens Advice bureaux and the public advice site.

Before lockdown, debt advice was the second most common advice topic (behind advice in relation to benefits).

Although employment-related advice overtake debt advice in April 2020, this change may now be reversing with debt advice becoming slightly more coming in recent weeks.

There continue to be notable increases in advice need on certain types of employment advice (especially redundancy) and housing-related advice.

This report also considers the different reasons new clients (those who came to bureaux for the first time between March and July 2020) are seeking advice on in comparison to repeat clients (those who had been to bureaux prior to March).