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Unemployment: Scotland's 'claimant count' is the highest for 13 years

Citizens Advice Scotland have called for action to help the huge numbers of Scots who are unable to find work.

Commenting on the figures released today, CAS Chief Executive Lucy McTernan said,

“The official ‘unemployment’ figure may have fallen but the ‘claimant count’ has increased by 1,200. In fact the claimant count this year is running higher than at any time time since 1998. And the number of Scots who are ‘economically inactive’ has risen this month by 12,000.

“These are not good figures. They show the basic truth that too many people in Scotland cannot get jobs. And of course what is not reflected by today’s statistics is the numbers of people who are in work but are in low-paid, short-term, part-time jobs that don’t really meet their needs.

“Every day at CABs across Scotland our advisers see people who are unemployed or struggling on low pay. We see the effect this has on them; the loss of confidence, the poor quality of life, and the way it hits their ability to save and spend – which then hurts the economy further.

“People who are unemployed and worried about their finances can get free financial advice from their local CAB. But longer term, the UK and Scottish governments both need to do something about this situation. People need decent, sustainable jobs. And in the meantime they need the adequate support to help them get by. At the moment, neither of these things is being provided.”

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