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Unemployment Figures may be 'the tip of the iceberg'

Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to the Office of National Statistics figures that show unemployment increasing in Scotland by 30,000 to 127,000 between February and April.

CAS Social Justice spokesperson Mhoraig Green said:

“These figures may be the tip of the iceberg compared to the state of the economy later this year as the furlough scheme winds down and industries face reduced demand.

“People who find they have no job to return to after furlough will be entering a difficult jobs market.

“Those who are struggling should know that the Citizens Advice network is here to help. We can ensure they are getting all the support they are entitled to and not overpaying on bills.

“It’s essential both the Scottish and UK governments look at ways to grow our economy in a way that creates fair paying, secure work.

“That’s why CAS has called for more investment in energy efficient housing as a measure that could create jobs, as well as making state support for business contingent on fair work practices.

“The whole UK may be facing an economic storm in the months to come. It’s vital that the most vulnerable aren’t swept into deeper poverty as a result.”