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Unemployment fall 'masks the true picture'

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have said today’s decrease in the unemployment figures masks the extent of the economic crisis for those on short-term and part-time contracts.

CAS Chief Executive Lucy McTernan said,

 “The drop in the numbers of unemployed is obviously welcome, but the truth is that there are still far too many people out of work in Scotland – or living in fear of losing their jobs. Even with today’s figures, the number of unemployed Scots is still more than double what it was three years ago.” (see below)

 “Today’s figures also mask the numbers of people who are struggling on low pay, short-term or part-time work that really doesn’t bring them enough income. Much of the reduction that has been reported today, for example, will have been due to the fact that some people got very temporary jobs over the Christmas/New Year period. That will have helped them for a few weeks but will not have given them the kind of sustained income they really need.

 “CAB advisers across Scotland see the real picture every day in the huge numbers of people who come through their doors needing help. The truth is that the impact of the recession continues to hurt many families, and the changes to the welfare system threaten to make matters much worse. It is essential that adequate support remains in place to help them when they need it.”

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