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UK Government announces changes to PIP (Later Cancelled)

The following changes to PIP were cancelled on 21st March after being announced by the UK Govt as part of the 2016 Budget. 

Stephen Crabb, the new Work and Pensions Secretary confirmed cancellation of the changes on Tuesday.

["Following a consultation, the UK Government have announced that the weight given to the use of aids and appliances in two of the ten categories for daily living activities will be reduced from January 2017. 

The Government have decided that the points awarded for the use of aids and appliances to activities five (dressing and undressing) and six (managing toilet needs or incontinence) will be halved in PIP assessments. They argue that there is overlap between other activities assessed, and some very simple activities ‘say little about level of disability and therefore do not reliably link to significant extra costs’.

The change will apply to new claims, claimants who report a change of circumstances and DLA claimants who are reassessed for PIP from 1 January 2017. The change will also affect PIP claimants who do not report a change of circumstances from that date, or from the date their current award is reviewed, whichever is later.

The DWP estimates that 640,000 people in the UK will be in some way affected by the changes, though a ‘significant number’ will still be entitled to an award. They estimate that this will save £1.2 billion by 2020/21.

As PIP is due to be devolved to Scotland, as part of the further devolution process, it is unclear whether this will affect the transition. DWP will be discussing the changes with the Scottish Government in due course."]

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