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TV Licence change could hit most vulnerable households

Citizens Advice Scotland has commented on the decision to change eligibility for free TV licences for over 75s.

CAS Social Justice spokesman Rob Gowans says, 

“We have concerns that linking the provision of free TV licences to people who are claiming Pension Credit will hit some of the most vulnerable households hardest.

“We already know that there are problems with eligibility and uptake of Pension Credit, in that many people who are entitled to it don’t claim it. If this change goes ahead those people will miss out on both pension credit and free TV licences.  

“We would urge anyone who thinks they may be missing out to visit their local Citizens Advice Bureau and ask for a free Financial Health Check, which is designed to help identify what you are entitled to and help you to claim it. You can also get such a Financial Health Check by calling us on 0800 085 7145.”

Further background to issues around Pension Credit eligibility and uptake here.


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