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Suggestions for new or improved information

26 Aug 2015

Please let the information section at Citizens Advice Scotland know if you have any suggestions for new or improved information on our public advice website.

The information section at Citizens Advice Scotland is starting the process of drawing up our writing plan for 2016 to 2017. The finalised plan will list the pieces of writing work we hope to achieve next year and will include work arising from new legislation as well as some non-legislative, developmental work.

 If you have any ideas about what you would like included in our plan, then we would really like to hear them. You might have an idea about new information that you think would be helpful or you might think that some existing information could be improved. We will consider all the suggestions that we receive although we do have to give priority to covering legislative changes so that the existing information remains up to date. 

Please use the feedback form to tell us about your suggestions for new information or changes to existing information.  It would be helpful if you could include the reasons for your suggestion on the feedback form. Thanks very much!

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