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Stirling CAB launch new report Accessing Social Justice in Stirling

Concerned at headlines in the media about the impact of cuts to legal aid budgets and the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees in 2013 – volunteers at Stirling CAB decided to investigate how citizens in Stirling had been affected by comparing local evidence with national trends.

Using data supplied by the Scottish Legal Aid Board, the Scottish Tribunal and Courts Service, Stirling Sheriff Court and Stirling CAB, the report authors discovered that:

  • During the first 12 months after the introduction of fees for employment tribunals, total applications to tribunals fell by 81% in Scotland and just under 50% in Stirling. 
  • In June 2015 it was reported that, since the introduction of these fees, claims of workplace sex discrimination had decreased by 85% nationally.
  • Within the last 12 months civil legal aid applications for homelessness issues had increased by over 10% in Stirling against a national trend that indicated a fall of 4%. 
  • In the past 12 months, in 32% of summary cases in heritable actions, clients were unrepresented.

More information on the report can be obtained by contacting Stirling CAB. 

The report and executive summary can be downloaded below.  

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