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Shetland Islands CAB - Fuel Bills Survey Report

Shetland CAB conducted a survey with the help of the local community to gain an insight into the energy issues faced across Shetland.  The survey was conducted between November 2012 and February 2013 and had 468 respondents from all parts of the islands.  The findings formed a report, launched this week at the CAB, which looks to raise awareness of fuel usage, fuel poverty and the large number of homes which are energy inefficient in the Shetland Islands. 

Main Findings:

  • 56% of respondents have had to cut back on essentials to pay for fuel and of those 16% made cut backs on their children's clothes and shoes, in order to pay fuel bills
  • Almost half the respondents leave rooms unheated due to fuel costs
  • A third of respondents have struggled to pay their fuel bills
  • Five years ago 81% of respondents said they were never in arrears with fuel bills, that figure dropped to 69% last winter

Manager Sylvia Jamieson says:

There are just over 9,000 households in the Shetland Islands, of which an estimated 4,050 households are living in fuel poverty.  We currently have the lowest level of JSA claimants by local authority area, of anywhere in Scotland.  The survey found that the majority of respondents are in employment, yet still struggling with their energy bills.  Every respondent has a story to tell and I hope this report provides an outlet for that and also acts as a reference point for rural communities across Scotland struggling with energy bills and the impact of fuel poverty.

The report is available as a PDF to download. 

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