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Scottish Public Services Ombudsman praises the work of bureau advisers

In the March issue of their newsletter, the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, Jim Martin, praised the work of bureaux and the Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS).

"Two of the health complaints published today were brought to us by people supporting the complainants.  As I have put on the record recently, I particularly value the work of Citizens Advice Bureaux (CABx), for a number of reasons. One reason is that we are a small organisation with staff operating from a single office.  CABx located across Scotland provide a welcome signposting service to members of the public who have problems with public services. In our experience, the support provided to clients by bureau advisers is of a high quality. Similarly, we value the work of Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS) workers in NHS settings, and are keen to continue our links with them as we did this month, when we participated in their regional meetings."

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