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Scottish Power price rise will hit those who are struggling hardest

Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to Scottish Power’s announcement that it will increase dual fuel energy prices for those on its standard variable tariff by 3.7%. This is Scottish Power's second price rise this year, with dual fuel prices rising by 5.5% on 1 June. It follows Ofgem's decision to increase the level of their Safeguard tariff.

Energy Policy Officer Craig Salter said:

“Today we’re seeing another price hike that will hit the least well off the hardest. This is Scottish Power’s second increase this year, and for those who are struggling it will make it even harder to make ends meet.

“If we are to see ongoing price increases across the board that are unaffordable for households, there is a clear problem with affordability in the energy market that needs to be addressed. With over a quarter of Scottish households still in fuel poverty, it is unacceptable that consumers continue to be failed by the market in this way.”