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Scottish Gas customers warned of changes in pre-payment service

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) is highlighting a service change which will affect pre-payment energy customers in the New Year. The change will affect everyone who uses a Scottish Gas top-up key or card.

From 1 January 2020, Scottish Gas customers will no longer be able to top-up at Paypoint locations as this service will be provided by Payzone. Customers should also be able to top up at their local Post Office.

Existing keys and cards should still work, but Scottish Gas customers who have not topped-up their meter recently should do so before 31 December 2019 to ensure that the device is updated for Payzone’s system.

This change will also affect customers of other energy suppliers who use Scottish Gas prepayment keys or cards. These will not work after 31st December 2019, so it is important to contact your current supplier if you have not received a replacement device. 

Jamie Stewart, energy spokesperson at CAS, said: 

“Although this may seem like a routine technical change in service provider, consumers could be disadvantaged if they are not prepared. Scotland has more prepayment customers than elsewhere in Britain and many thousands of those will be using Scottish Gas keys and cards, even if they are with a different supplier.

“Scottish Gas is looking to add more Payzone outlets in areas without sufficient coverage, but we are concerned that some people may still not be able to access the new top-up locations.

“You can locate your nearest Payzone machine by going online or on the Post Office website.  You can also visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau where advisors are happy to help locate your new top-up service.

“If you are having difficulties maintaining your supply, Scottish Gas should consider an emergency fuel credit, discretionary credit, or even the installation of a smart meter.  Please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau if you require any advice.”