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Scottish Borders CABx launch pack to support local community

Central Borders CAB, Peebles CAB and Roxburgh & Berwickshire CAB have launched a survival guide and pack to support people in the Borders faced with a crisis situation.

The bureaux in the Scottish Borders set up the Scottish Borders Welfare Reform Liaison Group in August 2013 to promote better working relationships between the various agencies in the Scottish Borders dealing with clients who are affected by the government’s Welfare Reform policies.

The main aim of the group is to provide an opportunity for front-line practitioners to come together in a confidential and professional setting to share best practice and examine ways in which the agencies can work more effectively together to help minimise the effect of welfare reform on clients.

The group decided that as well as producing a guide to be an information source for local organisations and CAB advisers, they would also produce information sheets in an A5 folder with advice for clients and members of the public on what help may be available in a crisis

The Scottish Borders Survival Pack comes in an A5 folder and includes:

  • A map showing where people can go to get help in the Borders 
  • A list of contact details for the CAB offices, housing associations and local authority
  • Eight individual inserts with information on what do when faced with a crisis such as having no home, no food, or no money.  

All of the documents in the pack are available to download below, as well as the guide for front-line practitioners.

If your CAB is interested in doing similar local work please get in touch with your Community Action Officer to have a chat about your idea.

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