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Scotland’s Financial Health Service launched

12 Jan 2015

Scotland’s Financial Health Service (SFHS) was launched on 3rd December by the Scottish Government to provide a one-stop portal for people living in Scotland. The SFHS site aims to act as a hub of information and a signposting site directing people to the most appropriate organisation to get help.

The Scottish Government have set up this site saying they want to ensure that the people of Scotland have access to trustworthy advice and information in one place.  The site brings together different strands of information including:

Advice on managing debt, keeping a roof over your head, money issues and pensions

Dealing with debt –debt management support and bankruptcy advice

Learning about managing your money – ways to improve your budgeting skills with a link to the Financial Education module on the Money Advice Scotland website

Borrowing and saving- how credit unions and community backs can help you and the dangers of high interest lending

Find an adviser near you using a very simple search tool

You’re not alone – case studies on how other people found their way through money problems

The Scottish Government have also launched a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the site and to drive people to aimed at those who have money worries; these may be lower wage families or those who are just struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month or those on benefits and pensioners. The campaign urges people to visit the Scotland’s Financial Health Service website which can ‘lighten your load’ by helping with the burden of money worries.

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