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Royal Mail service must be maintained

11 Jul 2013

Margaret Lynch CEO of Citizens Advice Scotland comments on the announcement to sell of the Royal Mail.

Commenting on today’s announcements on the sell-off of the Royal Mail, Margaret Lynch, CEO of Citizens Advice Scotland said:

 “The Royal Mail is an essential service upon which many thousands of Scots rely, and that service must be maintained, regardless of who owns it.  Whether it’s for the fair delivery of online purchases, the ability to post letters for the same price throughout the UK or receiving important documents on time, consumers in Scotland value the vital service that the Royal Mail provides. It’s important that people know they can get the same service at a standard and affordable price, regardless of where they live.

“Last year we published research showing that 1million Scots are routinely over-charged for delivery by private courier companies, just because of where they live. Royal Mail’s standard delivery charge offers an alternative to this, and so is an essential service for those consumers across Scotland. We will be talking to the Consumer Minister to make sure this service is preserved, so that everyone in Scotland gets a fair deal.”

For more details on the CAS campaign on rural delivery charges see The Postcode Penalty report in the related publications section of this page.

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