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Research working group membership opportunity

CAS is currently looking to develop the capacity of its research work by formulating a research working group.

The establishment of a Research Working Group reflects the aims of CAS in promoting well thought out and robust research into the issues faced by CAB clients and aims to make best use of the extensive information currently gathered. It is hoped that the working group will help to inform the future research practice of CAS by promoting continuous improvement to our methods and practice.

Issues scheduled for current study include personal debt/payday loans, veteran advice and support needs, and Scottish Welfare Reform funding with future projects aiming to explore food/fuel poverty and the wider impact of benefit sanctions.

Individuals from a range of backgrounds are encouraged to apply, with the hope that those applying will find working alongside CAS of benefit to their own practice. We are particularly keen to hear from professionals working within existing research units who have experience of using evidence and data across the Scottish policy and third sector.

Application deadline 18th October 2013

CAS is looking to develop its research capacity through establishing a working group to assist the organisation in specialist projects. The remit of the working group will be;

  • To assist in the examination of CAS data to ensure validity and reliability
  • To ensure our research work is of a high methodological and ethical standard
  • To ensure research is engaged and relevant within Scottish policy
  • To suggest new and innovative ways of conducting research

Candidates from a range of backgrounds are invited apply to join the group, we are particularly keen to hear from individuals with the following experience;

  • Social research methods and ethics
  • Statistics and information systems
  • Work within academic, statutory or third sector research environments
  • Conducting policy research within a Scottish context 

The aim of the working group is to;

  • Provide an opportunity for CAS and group members to explore emerging trends informed by evidence gathered through research
  • Ensure that the research produced by CAS is relevant, robust and ethical
  • Develop opportunities for future joint projects and collaboration
  • Help direct the research work of CAS to key stakeholders effectively

Candidates would be asked to attend two working groups per year at the CAS Edinburgh office and maintain regular contact with the research team via email.

It is anticipated that the majority of work would be conducted by the working group would take place remotely via email and tele/video conference communication.

Involvement within the group would be on a voluntary basis, reasonable travelling expenses will be reimbursed.

Through establishing a group with specialist skills the policy and communications team anticipate calling upon individual members at times to provide advice on specific issues. The group will be managed by the Research Officer and supported by the Research Co-ordinator within the Policy and Communications team.

 If you are interested in applying to join our working group please contact Katey Tabner, Research Officer: 0131 5501077.


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