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'Perfect storm' continues to hit Scots in the pocket

Citizens Advice Scotland have responded to figures showing that one in four people are struggling to make ends meet. The figures are published today by

CAS Chief Executive Lucy McTernan said,

“Sadly these figures are confirmed by evidence from CAB offices every day. Scottish CAB advisers continue to see thousands of people who have reached the ‘tipping point’ - or who have already gone past it.

“Scots are facing a ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances that are hitting them in the pocket, including pay freezes, job losses, price hikes, a lack of lending, public sector cuts and changes to the benefits system.

“Anyone who is in financial difficulty can get free, confidential and impartial advice from their local CAB. We are in the front line of helping those who need support urgently. Last year in Scotland CAB advisers dealt with over half a million cases, and our offices across Scotland are still reporting that they are busier than ever.

“We will continue to provide people with that help, but what is really needed is a long-term strategy from government – both at Westminster and in the new Scottish Parliament – to lift people out of this dreadful situation and give them some hope.”

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