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New money to tackle fuel poverty

The Scottish Government has announced an extra £20 million of funding for energy efficiency in the 2015/16 budget.

Details of exactly how the new funds will be spent are still to be announced but it looks like there will be some extra funds for the Home Energy Efficiency Programme for Scotland (HEEPS) and potentially some loan funding for consumers to allow some more expensive measures to be installed as part of the area based schemes run by local authorities. 

CAS has welcomed the announcement;

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) spokeswoman Sarah Beattie Smith said: "With nearly 40% of Scottish homes in fuel poverty, today's announcement is very welcome. Energy efficiency is the best way to tackle fuel poverty and it's in the Scottish government's power to address the chronic issue of cold, damp, draughty homes.”

As a member of the Existing Homes Alliance we are also calling for energy efficiency to become a national infrastructure priority.