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New figures show impact of welfare cuts in each area of Scotland

New research finds that once all the benefits cuts and welfare changes are in place, they will amount to £1.6billion a year.

The figures show the impact for every local authority in Scotland.

The study by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University, was commissioned by the Welfare Reform Committee at the Scottish Parliament, and shows the impact in every local authority in Scotland. 

You can access a spreadsheet containing a breakdown of each benefit in the study by local authority at the bottom of this page.

It finds that:

  • Welfare reforms will take £1.6bn out of the Scottish economy each year once they are fully in force. That's equivalent to £480 per adult of working age in Scotland
  • Incapacity benefits account for the biggest financial loses (£500m a year), followed by changes to tax credits (£300m), and then the 1% uprating (£290m a year)
  • The loss per household in Scotland is more or less the UK average.  This will partly be because the Scottish Government have subsidised the Council Tax Reduction scheme
  • The poorest areas are hit hardest.  This will exacerbate inequalities in Scotland

 You can read the full report here

 The Financial Times has used the figures to produce a very useful interactive "austerity map", searchable by area and benefit, for the whole of the UK.

Another report published recently by Rights Advice Scotland also looks at the impact of cuts on different benefits and by each Scottish local authority.  You can read more information about these reports and why the figures are different in the download at the bottom of the page.

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