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New call to help vulnerable consumers in Scotland

Today Citizens Advice Scotland is publishing our new report, Making it Easy: Simpler Registration for Consumers in Vulnerable Situations.

The report calls for consumer services to make it easier for people who need support to register for and access that support across different sectors.

Jamie Stewart, Energy Policy Manager at CAS said:

"People can be vulnerable at different stages in our lives.  When we are, we are likely to need services like water, light and heat more than ever. In this country we are entitled to receive extra help, such as additional support during a power cut. However to receive this support we need to be registered for it.

“By speaking to consumers in vulnerable situations, CAS has learned that there is good practice in the area of registration for support services. We have seen significantly increased registration numbers and corresponding uptake of non-financial support services in parts of some sectors – particularly energy.

“However there is not yet an integrated approach across sectors, nor between essential service providers and the public sector. We believe that all those who are eligible for additional support should be made aware of that support across all sectors, and enabled to register for it as simply as possible. 

“We are today calling for a  dedicated public/private sector working group to drive forward simpler registration for consumers in vulnerable situations. Such a working group should consider long-term solutions for an integrated registration process, or a portal to make it easier for consumers to register and importantly receive the support they are entitled to.”

Our new report can be found here.


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