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New briefing reveals 'horrifying' impact of CAB closures in Glasgow

A new briefing has revealed the ‘horrifying’ impact of cuts and closures to Citizens Advice in Glasgow.

With Glasgow City Council set to vote on Thursday on funding proposals that would cut services in the city, a new briefing reveals the impact of closing 5 bureaux, with 

  • 12,300 people will not get help in claiming their benefit entitlements, assistance with debt or advice and information on many of the other issues they bring to bureaux
  • 66 paid workers would be made redundant
  • 149 volunteers would be lost

The briefing has been sent to Glasgow Councillors, MPs and MSPs.

There has been a huge public backlash to the proposals, with an online petition gaining over 3,600 signatures at the time of release.

Commenting, Bridgeton CAB manager Frank Mosson said:

“These proposals from Glasgow City Council would cut 3 bureaux in the city and close down another 5. The impact of that on the most vulnerable people in Glasgow would be simply horrifying.

“Last year, the 5 bureaux under threat of closure helped over 12,000 people, employing 66 paid staff and engaging 149 volunteers.

“This is about much more than numbers on a spreadsheet – this is life changing work being delivered in local communities to help people.

“It beggars belief that funding for these bureaux would be removed in the middle of a global pandemic and as we approach the biggest recession in decades.

“It is absolutely heart-breaking that staff who should be helping others through the stormy waters of redundancy as a result of Covid 19 are currently facing redundancy themselves.

“There is still time for Councillors to rethink these cuts, save our CABs and ensure that people get the help they need.”