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MSPs praise CAB help for young Scots amid economic crisis

MSPs from all parties today highlighted the work of the Scottish CAB service in providing ‘lifeline’ support to young Scots. 

As more and more young Scots struggle to find jobs and homes, the CAB service has been running a number of specific projects across Scotland to offer them practical help. A number of these projects were identified by MSPs in a debate at Holyrood today.

Citizens Advice Scotland's Chief Executive Margaret Lynch says, 

"Young Scots have taken a real battering over the last few years, from a combination of the recession and the UK government's welfare cuts. That's why we have been making special efforts to reach out to young people in their communities across Scotland, and offering them special help. 

"Young Scots are finding it hard to get decent jobs and homes. They are more vulnerable than most to debt problems, and the tax and benefit system actively discriminates against them. Yet last week the Prime Minister shocked us all by announcing that he was thinking of cutting benefits to young people yet again. This will be simply devastating for many young people. 

“It's a tough time to be under 25 in Scotland, and things look set to get even worse. That's why it's so vital that they get good quality advice and practical support. I'm very proud of the CAB projects that were show-cased in Parliament today. 

“And our message to young people across Scotland is that the CAB is there for you. We offer a lifeline support of free, independent, confidential advice on any issue that is troubling you. The CAB is also a great place to volunteer, and gain skills and experience to enhance your CV. You can contact your local CAB today, or see our website and twitter feed.” 

Today's debate at Holyrood mentioned youth outreach projects run by:

  • Roxburgh & Berwickshire CAB
  • Motherwell & Wishaw CAB
  • Dalkeith CAB
  • Orkney CAB
  • Musselburgh CAB
  • West Dunbartonshire CAB
  • Clydesdale CAB

 Speakers in the debate included Jim Hume MSP, Jackie Baillie MSP, Christine Grahame MSP, Alison Johnstone MSP, Mary Scanlon MSP, Malcolm Chisholm MSP and the minister for young people, Aileen Campbell MSP.

For more information please contact Tony Hutson on 07774 715655.  N.B. this is a number for journalists only. 


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