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MPs ‘Get It Right’ on Bedroom Tax

5 Sep 2014

Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed news that MPs have backed a bill that aims to exclude certain vulnerable groups from the ‘Bedroom Tax’ . 

MPs have voted to give a second reading to a bill by Lib Dem backbench MP Andrew George, which would end the bedroom tax for disabled families. The vote does not mean the bill will become law but it does keep it alive, with a chance it could become law after future votes. 

Citizens Advice Scotland’s Head of Policy Susan McPhee says, 

“We have been working hard to convince Scottish MPs that this policy is causing great distress to many of the most vulnerable people in Scotland. Our evidence shows that around 72,000 sick and disabled families in Scotland were affected last year. 

“These households were already struggling on very low incomes, and this policy has seen an average reduction in their housing support of around £11 per week. That’s a huge amount if you are on a tight budget. It amounts to a loss of £42 million annually across Scotland. In the first six months after the change, over 1,600 people sought advice on the issue at a CAB in Scotland, and that impact has continued into this year.  Some of these cases are very distressing, and we have been presenting these to MPs as evidence that change is needed. (see case studies below) 

“MPs have made the right decision today, and hopefully they will continue to back this bill and other measures that we have outlined. This policy has been very damaging to many vulnerable people and there are certainly further changes needed, but this bill at least is a step in the right direction.”

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