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More people in Scotland can now change the way their UC is paid

From 31 January 2018, if you are making a claim for or already getting Universal Credit (UC) in an area where you manage your claim online, you can ask:

  • for your UC to be paid twice monthly rather than monthly
  • to have the housing costs in your UC award paid directly to your landlord. 

These are called the Scottish UC choices. They were first introduced on 4 October 2017 and were only available to people who made a claim for UC on or after that date and who managed their claim online. These areas are also known as full service areas. 

The Scottish UC choices are now being extended to anyone who claimed UC before 4 October 2017 in a full service area. They are also being extended to anyone who claimed before 4 October 2017 in a live service area when they transfer to a full service area. 

If you were claiming UC before 4 October 2017 and you are in a full service area, you can ask to set up one or both of the Scottish UC choices through your online account, by phoning a DWP service centre or by making the request to a work coach. 

More about the Scottish UC choices.

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