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More than 8 in 10 Scots are worried about Brexit

82% of Scots are concerned about leaving the EU over the next 12 months, according to new data published today by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS). The equivalent figure in a similar survey in April 2018 was 71%.

The new survey, carried out by YouGov for CAS last month, found that 50% of Scots are ‘very concerned’ about Brexit. This is twice as many as we found in a similar survey ran for us a year ago by Progressive Partnership.

The figures for both surveys are as follows:
2018   2019
26%    50%    Very concerned.
21%    18%    Somewhat concerned.
24%    14%    A little concerned.
26%    14%    Unconcerned.
03%    04%    Don’t know.

When asked to describe their specific fears about Brexit, respondents who were concerned answered as follows (three of the options given this year were not given in last year’s survey):

2018   2019
65%    72%       Cost of food/essentials  
 -         63%       General impact on employment overall
 -         62%       Availability of medical supplies and prescription drugs
44%    60%       Health service
33%    55%       Availability/choice of fresh food
47%    53%       Cost of energy bills
48%    52%       Travelling to Europe
44%    50%       Financial matters (e.g. savings/mortgages etc.)
44%    48%       Human rights
39%    43%       Consumer rights
45%    39%       Cost of holiday expenses in Europe
19%    20%       Finding a job
 -         19%       Losing a job
04%    10%       Other 

Publishing the new figures today, CAS Chief Executive Derek Mitchell said,

“Headlines around Brexit tend to concentrate on the process and the political narrative. Our research shows people in Scotland are worried about the impact of Brexit on their day to day lives.

“From the cases that CABs see every day, we know that many people in Scotland are already struggling to make ends meet. Against that background, Brexit represents an additional insecurity.

“Personally, the thing that most surprises me is the high level of worry and concern overall. If only 14% of Scots are not concerned at all about Brexit, that suggests to me a very high level of Brexit stress in the general population, significantly higher than we found this time last year.”  

CAS has recently launched a specialist advice service for EU citizens resident in Scotland. The EU Citizens Support project, funded by the Scottish Government is free, confidential and impartial and is designed to help EU citizens and their families with issues and concerns around the EU Settlement Scheme. For details of how to access the scheme, go to


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