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Jobless increase - "people must not be left behind"

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have reacted to the latest increase in unemployment in Scotland, urging the government to make sure that vulnerable Scots are not left behind.

CAS Spokesman Keith Dryburgh said,

“Unemployment can have a disastrous impact on people’s lives. Evidence from CABs shows that unemployment can escalate existing problems for people, e.g. forcing many to fall into debt, suffer fuel poverty and lose their home.

“Of course we need to see measures to get people into work. But our concern is what happens to those affected in the meantime. Every family in Scotland will know someone who is affected by unemployment. These people don’t just need the promise of jobs tomorrow - they need help today. And that means continued support for the voluntary sector, which many see as their only lifeline in these difficult times.

“Scotland’s 83 Citizen Advice Bureaux dealt with just under a million issues last year and – due the fallout from the recession – are facing more more demand than ever for financial advice.

“The recession might technically be over, but its clear that its impact on vulnerable people in Scotland will continue for some time to come. Many of these people have nowhere else to turn. They must not be left behind.”

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