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Jobless increase matched by CAB demand for redundancy advice

New figures from the Office of National Statistics, which show the jobless rate increasing, are matched by the trends seen by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

The ONS report shows that the number of people in Scotland seeking work during March, April and May rose by 15,000. (This figure does not include the 750,000 who have been furloughed). 

In response to the report, CAS has published new data showing a significant rise in demand for advice on redundancy. A total of 543 pieces of redundancy advice were issued by the CAS network in April, rising to 1429 in June. The figure for the first half of July is 811. 

CAS Social Justice Spokesperson Mhoraig Green said,

“Today’s figures demonstrate that the Jobs Retention Scheme has been broadly successful in ensuring people have an income during lockdown, but we also know that employers are starting to face difficult decisions about what comes next as the economy reopens and support winds down.

"It is clear from the advice people are seeking from Citizens Advice Bureaux across Scotland, that the economic impact of Covid-19 is being felt now. It's important to remember that every one of these statistics represents a real human being with bills to pay, and many will have a family to support too. There are lots of other people not recorded in these figures, who have a job for now, but are worried about losing it.

"We now need an ambitious approach from government that protects existing jobs and creates new ones, as well as strengthening the social security safety net to prevent people being swept into poverty.”


The number of pieces of advice relating to redundancy given by the 59 CABs in Scotland was 543 in April, 679 in May and 1429 in June. The figure for the first two weeks in July is 811.