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Jobcentre Sanctions: Oakley recommendations must be implemented

22 Jul 2014

Citizens Advice Scotland have issued this statement in response to the publication of the Oakley Review of Jobcentre Sanctions, which has been published today. 

CAS Policy Manager Keith Dryburgh says,

"We welcome the recommendations, most of which echo the points we made in our own report two weeks ago - for example the issues of poor communications and lack of proper notification of why sanctions are applied.

"We also welcome the fact that the UK government is accepting these recommendations. Indeed we urge Ministers to implement them as soon as possible. 

"Over 200 jobseekers are sanctioned every single day across Scotland, many of whom are left in hardship without any income whatsoever, while too many are sanctioned after simple errors or after administrative mistakes made by the job centre.

"Now that there is a consensus of opinion that there are flaws in the system that need to be fixed, we hope action can be taken swiftly so that these flaws can become a thing of the past and so that no-one is sanctioned unfairly or without clear notification and rights of appeal."

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