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Job Support Scheme 'not enough to prevent wave of job losses'

Responding to today's announcement from the Chancellor on an expansion to the Job Support Scheme, CAS Social Justice Spokesperson Mhoraig Green said: 

“We're glad the UK Government has heeded our calls to make targeted support available to sectors still affected by the pandemic, but this isn't enough to prevent a wave of job losses as furlough ends.  

“Many businesses that remain open will still be operating under capacity due to social distancing, and self-employed workers are looking at a devastating drop in their income in industries that are unable to resume as normal. 

“This scheme also does not address the issue of big swathes of jobs being labelled as 'unviable' because they can't operate under social distancing measures.

“People in Scotland are still facing a potentially toxic cocktail of restrictions and inadequate levels of support as we head into the winter."