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Ideas wanted for new content on our advice websites

28 Sep 2016

Please let us know if you have any ideas about new or improved content that you would like to see on our public advice website or on AdviserNet, the website for advisers.

We are in the process of drawing up our writing plan for next year. The plan will set out what content that the information team at Citizens Advice Scotland hope to write next year. Most of the work will be driven by new law coming out of the Scottish Parliament. For example, the Scottish Government have said that they hope to introduce Bills into the Scottish Parliament covering subjects as varied as domestic abuse, contract law, housing, social security and wild animals in circuses. 

Although writing about new law will take up most of our time, we are also keen to develop our websites and to try to make the content as easy to use as possible. We can’t guarantee that we will be able to do all the work that is suggested but we will consider all ideas. 

Please email your suggestions to It would be helpful if you could include the reasons for your suggestion in your email. Thanks very much!

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