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Help for refugee families reunited in Scotland

From 14 May 2018, refugees living in Scotland can apply for family reunion crisis grants. These grants can help with the extra costs that they will have when they are reunited with family members arriving in Scotland under family reunion rules.

The grants can help cover basic costs until the newly arrived refugees can apply for benefits. Refugees wishing to apply for family reunion crisis grants should apply before their family members arrive in Scotland. They should apply to the local authority where they live, in the same way as for ordinary crisis grants.  

If the application is successful, the crisis grant is paid to the refugee already living in Scotland before the other family members arrive. This person is known as the ‘sponsor’. The sponsor can also apply for a community care grant before the family members arrive. 

The British Red Cross is helping refugees in Scotland who are waiting for the arrival of their family members to apply for the grants. As Glasgow is the only dispersal area for asylum seekers in Scotland, it is likely to have the most applications for family reunion crisis grants. 

The Scottish Government has written guidance on how the family reunion crisis grants should work. This guidance can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Read more about crisis grants, community care grants and the Scottish Welfare Fund on our public advice website.

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