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Half a million people in Scotland face income shock with Universal Credit cut

Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to news that Universal Credit is to be cut. 

CAS Policy Officer David Scott said:

“The £20 per week increase to Universal Credit at the start of the pandemic was the right move, and helped thousands of people keep their heads above water.

“Cutting the payment in the autumn will push thousands of people into crisis. It will also mean the benefit would be worth less in real terms in 2021 than it was when it was first introduced in 2013.

“With furlough winding down and the risk of job losses clear, this is the wrong time to reduce the value of Universal Credit, which close to half a million people in Scotland rely on.

“It also won’t help our economy, removing around half a billion pounds worth of spending power from people just when we need our economy to grow.

“There’s still time to cancel this cut, and ensure people get the support they need.”

Previous CAS research has found that cutting Universal Credit by £20 per week would see the benefit with less than when it was introduced in 2013.