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Glasgow CAB Offices Saved!!!

The five Glasgow Citizens Advice Bureaux who have been under threat of closure have announced that they will be able to remain open after the end of March, after new offers of funding were received from Glasgow Advice Agency (GAA).

Susan McPhee, Acting Chief Executive of CAS, says today (16 March):

"On Monday we announced that the CAB offices in Bridgeton, Castlemilk, Pollok, Easterhouse and Parkhead were set to close on 31 March unless they could secure viable funding to continue. Late that night, GAA made an offer of new sub-contracts. The bureaux have been considering the details of this offer for the last few days.

"I am delighted to announce today that the Boards of all five bureaux have agreed in principle to accept this new offer, and that as a result they will be able to remain open for the next three years. This is excellent news for the people of Glasgow, who will continue to have a CAB service offering free, impartial, confidential advice.

"The record of the CAB Service over the last 73 years speaks for itself, and we would like to thank the many members of the public and elected representatives who have expressed their support for us this week. The staff and volunteers of the five bureaux have been through a very stressful and distressing time recently but are delighted that they can now stand ready once again to help the people of the city through the very difficult times they face in the wake of the recession and welfare reforms."