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Glasgow CAB advisers on Channel 4 news

19 Mar 2013

Watch out for Glasgow CAB advisers on Channel 4 News tonight.

Channel 4 recently came to Glasgow to film a report marking 10 years since Iain Duncan Smith’s famous  ‘anti-poverty’ visit to Easterhouse. Now he is in government they wanted to show the impact his welfare reforms are having on the area, so of course they knew the best people to talk to were local CAB advisers and their clients.

BBC London are also in Scotland this week filming a story about the impact of welfare reforms – based on CAS policy reports. We regularly get coverage on the Scottish media; both BBC Scotland and STV have already booked interviews with us for their budget coverage on Wednesday for example. But the fact that we are often featured on UK-wide media too is a sure sign of the impact we make.

(See Channel 4 News tonight at 7pm)