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First payments of Carer's Allowance Supplement

The Scottish Government has announced the "qualifying date" for the first payments of the new Carer's Allowance (CA) Supplement to people getting Carer's Allowance by Social Security Scotland. 

The CA Supplement is a lump sum payment of £221, covering the six month period from 1 April 2018. The first payments will be made to people who, on Monday 16 April 2018, were:

  • resident in Scotland, and
  • getting a payment of Carer's Allowance.

Payments will be made from mid-September to early October by Social Security Scotland (part of the Scottish Government). They will be made in the same way as Carer's Allowance is paid.

There is no need to apply for the CA Supplement, it is paid automatically. People who are eligible should receive a letter telling them when the CA Supplement will be paid to them.

A further payment will be made from December, covering the six months from 1 October. The qualifying date for the second payment is Monday 15 October 2018.

If you get Universal Credit and are a carer living in Scotland, you should get advice about whether you should claim Carer's Allowance. You would then be eligible for future payments of the CA Supplement.

Getting the CA Supplement will not reduce the amount of your Universal Credit award, but claiming Carer's Allowance will possibly affect your Universal Credit and the benefits of the person you care for.

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