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Extra Help Unit celebrate highest-ever satisfaction results

The Extra Help Unit - based in the CAS Glasgow office – always perform well on satisfaction surveys of the people they help, but this year they’re celebrating their highest ever results.

Every month Accent conduct an independent customer satisfaction survey for the EHU.  In their latest set of results, 94% of consumers surveyed were either very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of customer service from the EHU.  This is highest the unit has achieved since the survey started back in 2009.  To top it off, 81% of consumers advised said the EHU team had made a difference for them. This included feedback on indicators like: ‘helped to resolve the issue’, ‘the supplier listened to my problem’, ‘relieved stress’, ‘fought my corner’, ‘on my side’, and ’provided support’.

Some direct quotes from consumers who were interviewed:

  • ‘On behalf of my mother I cannot commend them enough for their service and the reassurance that someone is listening. Very constructive. Whenever I spoke to Kieran he calmed me down which helped. He deserves a medal. Its a Glasgow office he works in.’
  • ‘I can only speak very highly of them. I feel that they are there to help the ordinary person in the street against problems with big companies. They get the results which me, as person, would not be able to get.’
  • ‘Just to say that I think you provide an excellent service, and just knowing that someone can listen and support. I was getting very close to sinking into a depression, but your support helped me through.’
  • ‘Those guys were great. Couldn't have done it without them. I was uptight and it was making me ill. when They stepped in I could relax a bit. It all happened the way it should have happened in the first place.’

What is the Extra Help Unit?

The Extra Help Unit is a specialist team of caseworkers investigating energy and post complaints on behalf of vulnerable consumers.  The service is predominantly delivered by phone and covers the whole of Great Britain helping domestic and micro-business consumers (a consumer may be vulnerable if they are unable to pursue a complaint on their own behalf due to personal circumstances, the complexity of their complaint or where they are at risk of having their energy supply disconnected). The Extra Help Unit is not a public helpline.  Consumers are referred to the Unit by the Citizens Advice Consumer Service (03454 04 05 06). Referrals are also received from the Energy Ombudsman, Ofgem and elected representatives.

The unit also provides the Ask The Adviser telephone service (0344 980 0041) for advice providers seeking specialist advice to resolve energy or post complaints for their clients and their Advice and Stakeholder Team analyses casework trends within the unit and identifies policy issues affecting vulnerable consumers, working with energy suppliers and industry bodies to make improvements.