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Evaluation of Energy Best Deal training - now available

The ‘Energy Best Deal Scotland’ campaign involved frontline advisors in helping vulnerable people cut their energy bills.Around 10,000 households are saving up to £765,000 each year on their energy bills as a result. Consumer Focus Scotland has commissioned an evaluation of the energy training given to frontline advisers. This has shown that tariff advice can and does help reduce fuel bills and involving frontline advisers, does help reach vulnerable people.

Many advisers also reported that they would like to signpost clients towards expert energy advice services. Involving frontline advisors is a key route to getting help to vulnerable people and there is considerable potential for a wider range of advisers from intermediary organisations in Scotland to help their clients reduce their energy costs. At the same time, there is potential to embed tariff advice more widely in energy efficiency schemes.

A copy of the full evaluation can be found below